Sun Blaze T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Light 2ft 4 Lamp
Sun Blaze T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Light 2ft 4 Lamp
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Sunlight Supply's Sun Blaze T5 high output fluorescent grow light is the perfect choice in T5 light fixtures.

The T5 high output lamps have extremely high lumen per watt rating: 2000 lumens per lamp. This 4-lamp fixture produces a total of 8,000 lumens at 96W.

Lamps have very low heat factor which allows the fixture to be hung very close to plant canopy, thus raising light levels.

This 2ft. - 4 bulb (24W and 2000 lumens each) fluorescent grow light system is white with a low profile sleek design.

This T5 HO fluorescent grow light fixture is lightweight at just 6 pounds and is easy to hang.

This fixture includes a solid state electronic ballast, 95% reflective aluminum reflector & two chrome "V" hangers.

Growing Area: 2ft x 1ft Dimensions: 23"L X 12.5 "W X 3"H Weight: 5 lbs

2 year rebuild or replace manufacturer's warranty on fixture and 1 year on lamps.

Comes with your choice of 4 x 24W fluorescent bulbs:

4 x 6400° K Daylight (for plant growth or seedlings)


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