Sun Blaze LED Grow Light 84W 2ft 4 Lamp - Comes With Your Choice of AgroLED T5 Bulbs
Sun Blaze LED Grow Light 84W 2ft 4 Lamp - Comes With Your Choice of AgroLED T5 Bulbs
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The perfect choice in LED light fixtures. Combing the sleek T5 fixtures with the latest technology in LED bulbs: the AgroLED iSunshine bulbs by Sunlight Supply. This 2ft. - 4 bulb (21W each) fluorescent grow light system is white with a low profile sleek design.

The Sun Blaze® fixtures feature an advanced reflector design that delivers excellent reflectivity and diffusion. White powder-coated steel housing. Wire cable hangers included with every fixture. Now features additional hanging holes for V-hangers that are included with every fixture. Hang horizontally or vertically. 12 foot power cord and on/off switch allows for easy operation. Louvered for cool operation.

The iSunlight® T5 lamp is an intelligent LED that is specifically designed to work with your T5 HO fluorescent fixture.

The AgroLED iSunshine lamps comes in two spectrums: + White: are an excellent choice for the vegetative phase of your plants lifecycle. Ideal for growing seedlings and microgreens. Bloom: are an excellent choice for the bloom and the complete cycle of your plants life.

The Sun Blaze 24 model our choice of 4 x 21W AgroLED bulbs: 4 x 5500° K White (for plant growth or seedlings) or 4 x 5500° K Bloom (for fruiting & flowering) or 2 x White and 2 x Bloom for a Full Spectrum effect

Daisy chain feature allows multiple fixtures to be plugged in together. Features eco-friendly recyclable packaging. One year warranty on lamps.

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