Rootech Cloning Gel 56gr (2oz)
Rootech Cloning Gel 56gr (2oz)
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Rootech Cloning Gel contains hormones, vitamins and nutrients especially formulated to promote rapid, healthy root development during vegetative propagation.

A thick, rich gel, Rootech adheres to the cut tissue, preventing embolism and shock.

With a concentration of 0.55% IBA, a potent rooting hormone, the manufacturing process ensures the highly concentrated gel is evenly dispersed, protecting developing rootlets and plant tissues.

Rootech Cloning Gel is packaged in a ready-to-use, wide-mouthed container, into which several cuttings can be dipped at the same time, without the risk of mess and spills. The gel format ensures ease of use, while avoiding the risks of inhaling dusty powders.

Rootech is ideal for propagation of the most hard-to-root plants, and it can also be diluted with water for use on cuttings that will form roots more easily.

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