Nutri+ CM Plus 1L
Nutri+ CM Plus 1L
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Supplement to be used in any complete fertilizer program. Good for foliar application.

Calcium is very important to increase tissue resistance to external stress and contribute to normal development of roots. Magnesium is essential for chlorophyll and energy production. It allows the synthesis of organic compounds useful for growth, amino acids and proteins. It enhances the assimilation of phosphorus and concentrations of vitamins A and C.

+ Shake well before using.
+ Do not use CM plus with hard water.
+ Standard application: Use 1 ml of nutri+ ® CM plus per liter of nutritive solution.
+ Shock treatment: Use 1,5 ml of nutri+ ® CM plus per liter of nutritive solution.
+ Foliar application: Use 0,5 ml of nutri+ ® CM plus per liter of water.

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