Mountain Air Carbon Filter 410 TGL 4" 140CFM
Mountain Air Carbon Filter 410 TGL 4" 140CFM
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Manufactured in California, Mountain Air filters are a range of filters which have been designed to give maximum quality, performance and durability.

Its simple functionality contains complex interior designs using the most unique materials. They require little maintenance and reduce noise levels considerably, ensuring an effective and efficient growing life cycle. They also offer superior airflow when compared to normal filters due to the very low density, but high mechanical strength of 'activated' carbon used, which in turn gives better results and peace of mind.

These special activated carbons contain a unique chemistry, granular size, shape, texture and hardness to offer longer life and prevent blockages, which will help maintain an all-round cleaner filter system for improved durability. Mountain Air filters are extremely economical, the bigger the size the more economically it operates, giving you a huge saving and more value for money.

The most efficient filter on the market today that will guarantee to remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Supplied with 2 filter sleeves which are hand and machine washable. Hints and Tips: + Carbon filters work best with a humidity of less than 80%. Over 85% RH they don't work at all. + Always use a fabric sleeve with your filter and replace it when it becomes clogged up - usually after 6 months. + If, after installing a carbon filter system, odor is still a problem then, simply purchase another fan and filter. + Mountain Air filters use the highest quality carbon and under normal circumstances you can expect them to last up to 3 years.

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