Jiffy #703 Peat Pellets 1000/Case
Jiffy #703 Peat Pellets 1000/Case
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Jiffy #701 Peat Pellets are a convenient, no mess way to start flower and vegetable seeds and cuttings. Just add water. Pellets expand to form a pot and soil in one.


These pellets are made from Canadian sphagnum peat moss which provides a rich, high quality growing environment.

Jiffy Pellets can be transplanted directly into the ground or into larger containers.

Jiffy 7 Peat Pellets are pre-drilled with a soft center hole for easy cutting strikes and larger seed planting.

Jiffy #701 pellet size is 1 3/4" diameter x 1 3/4" high.

Approximately 50 pellets fit in a propagation tray 1020 flat.

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