Ideal Plug-In Fan Speed Control
Ideal Plug-In Fan Speed Control
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Price: $50.00

The is one of the best power dimmers on the market. This prewired, variable fan speed control offers an easy control of your fan's speed and noise with plug-in versatility. No tools or wiring required!

Dial in the precise air flow you want from your exhaust fan or blower.

Simply plug into 120-volt outlet and plug your fan into the Controls grounded outlet. Adjust the knob for fan speed.

Rated for light motor loads up to 15 amps, this control can increase the usefulness of all types of fans and blowers.

Rugged flame-retardant thermoplastic casing outside, UL recognized components and solid state construction inside.

Rated for fans/blowers up to 15amp.

Comes with 6 months manufacturer's warranty.

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