Canna Terra Series Special 5L
Canna Terra Series Special 5L
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Price: $280.00
Canna Terra fertilizers are a complete selection of high grade products, effortlessly causing explosive growth and exuberant blooming in fast-growing plants.

Since their launch in 1990, Terra Vega and Terra Flores have become the most widely used fertilizers by professional and amateur growers using soil. With Canna Terra, you are guaranteed high yields, with an easy to use product and a high-quality biological end product with no toxic ballast.

Canna fertilizers have a biotropic effect, they are absorbed naturally into the plant's bio-system, and they create an optimal balance in the plant's cells and improve its resistance. Unlike other specialized fertilizers, Terra fertilizers work quickly, are directly available for the plant and so require little energy for absorption, allowing the plant to concentrate fully on growing and blooming.

For the best possible support of the plant, CANNA has developed Terra Vega for the growth phase and Terra Flores for the blooming phase.

SPECIAL: Terra Vega & Flores 5L $240

Usually ships in 2-3 days.

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