AutoPot 4 Pot Complete Hydroponic Plant Watering System
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The AutoPot System is an automatic watering system which is suitable for most varieties and sizes of plants. Each system is supplied with a unique AQUAvalve which regulates the supply of water to each pot by gravity alone – meaning that it requires no electricity, pumps or timers!

With all four pots running from one tank, the AutoPot system can be left unattended for weeks. All you need to do is change the tank when it empties and check on your plants every once in a while.

In addition to this, the system tops up your plants as they feed and therefore is extremely efficient – no water is ever lost and you will get the most from your nutrients. The AQUAvalve also only tops up when all of the water has been used allowing your plants to go through a wet/dry cycle.

Its modular design makes it easy to expand: simply add more pots as needed with no limits to the size of the system.

The 4 Pot System is ideal for a 1m2 area and can be used with soil, coco and hydroponic media.

Contents Include:
+ 1x 12.4 gallon tank & lid
+ 1x ¼"top hat grommet
+ 2x 2Pot tray and lid
+ 4x 2.2 gallon pots
+ 2x AQUAvalve
+ 2x ¼" inline tap
+ 4x root control discs
+ 10ft of ¼" pipe
+ 1x ¼" golf filter
+ 2x ¼" tee

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