Yellow Sticky Traps for Aphids and Whiteflies (pack of 10)
Yellow Sticky Traps for Aphids and Whiteflies (pack of 10)
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Bug-Scan® is a sticky plate made of durable recyclable plastic with a long-lasting glue on each side.

This glue is non-toxic, water-repellent and does not dry out in a hot climate while the trap itself is not deformed by extreme temperature or humidity. Sticky traps provide a simple, but very effective monitoring system. To facilitate counting, a grid has been printed on one side of the sticky traps. 

This 4" x 6" double-sided yellow sticky traps with grid catch whiteflies as well as aphids. Lasts all season, even in rain, or until completely coated with insects or dust. Use in the indoor garden or outside.

Place one trap per 25-50 sq. ft.

Pack of 10 traps. 


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