Titan Controls CO2 Regulator Deluxe Kit with Cycle Timer
Titan Controls CO2 Regulator Deluxe Kit with Cycle Timer
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This kit is great for increasing yields and speeding up time until harvest for all supercharged indoor gardens.

This CO2 Enrichment System is heavy-duty and built to last . It features an accurate, easy to adjust CO2 flow meter, a preset adjustable regulator, a pressure gauge, a solenoid valve and complete instructions.

Each unit also comes with the tubing needed to disperse the CO2 evenly throughout your room in one of two ways. The Drip Ring Method utilizes a nylon "T" that allows growers to mount a ring to the ceiling of a growing environment with 15' of tubing that disperses CO2 evenly as it drops evenly down over the garden. The Fan Method is used simply by attaching the tubing to the back of an oscillating fan, slightly tilted upward, for even dispersion.

This kit includes: + An accurate, easy to adjust CO2 flow meter + Adjustable regulator + Pressure gauge + Solenoid valve + Cycle timer + Tubing + Complete instructions

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