Super Sprouter Seedling 4 Tray Heat Mat 48"x21"
Super Sprouter Seedling 4 Tray Heat Mat 48"x21"
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Price: $145.00
Sale Price: $110.00
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Larger size to fit four standard propagation trays: 48" x 21" (110 watt)

Super Sprouter™ 4 Tray Seedling Heat Mat is designed for 4 standard 10 in x 20 in propagation trays placed side by side.

The heavy duty construction makes this mat very durable and allows even warming throughout the trays.

The Super Sprouter™ 4 Tray Seedling Heat Mat warms the rooting area approximately 10°F - 20°F over ambient temperatures to improve the germination process. In doing this, it helps the gardener have a better success rate with seedlings and cuttings.

More consistent heating with fewer hot spots than other seedling heat mats on the market.

110 Watts. 5 ft 120 Volt power cord. Dimensions: 21 in x 48 in.

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