Sun Hut Blackout 20 Grow Tent 2x2x5
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Price: $245.00
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Sun Hut Blackouts are the newest line of Pro Grade grow tents. These tents are constructed from 210D light tight material with a highly reflective interior surface.

The frame of the tent uses heavy duty galvanized steel poles and fit securely into our reinforced polypropylene connectors. Easy and quick to assemble tents will have you growing in no time.

Door access locations depends on the size of tent, which can be found on the front, side and rear of the tents.

Other features include clear viewing windows, removable reflective mylar floor liner, adjustable dual sock ports for ventilation and power cords and Micro-mesh ventilation windows.

Note: model numbers identify the approximate cubic feet.


The Blackout 20 measures 2ft x 2ft x 5.3 ft (60cm W x 60cm L x 170cm H)

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