Sun Hut Big Easy 80 2x4
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Price: $295.00
Sale Price: $235.00
You save: $60.00 (20.34%)

30% more reflective than white plastic interior.

Features include: + No plant toxicity issues - guaranteed + Thick black canvas exterior with highly reflective silver interior + Heavy duty zippers + Metal framing is made of heavy-duty steel tubing + 2 - 6" duct flanges (included) + Bracket to support exhaust fan & filter

Current grow cabinets lock you into what the manufacturer wants to sell you. This doesn't give you any leeway to use the space as you need. With the SunHut you can add any hydroponic system of proper size, pack in soil pots or arrange orchid baskets as you decide, with plant spacing and quantity up to you.

The Silver Hut can be outfitted with T5 fluorescent fixtures or high intensity discharge lights.

This model of Silver Hut will hold most 2' x 4’ hydroponic systems.

Using intake and exhaust blowers, temperature and humidity are easily regulated. CO2 can be added and fans controlled by using third party atmospheric controls.

Dimensions (outside): 4.3 ft x 2.8 ft x 6.5 ft

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