Secret Jardin DR120 2,5 Grow Tent 4X4X6,8 ft
Secret Jardin DR120 2,5 Grow Tent 4X4X6,8 ft
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Price: $385.00
The DARKROOM 2 are specially lined with 95% reflective hammered effect mylar fabric (210M) more robust. Increase of the diameter of the tubes from 16 up to 19mm. Pre-equipped for extraction and ventilation, the tents come with equipment bars and accessories to support lamps, and carbon filters. What's new?
  • 5 tubes concept: Easy assembly and better quality
  • Spare Parts (5 tubes for all the range)
  • Tubes from 16 up to 19mm diameter
  • Plus 26% rigidity
  • New model and new height
  • CableIT for handling cables onto the structure
  • 210D fabric has 2.5x tear strength and 3x the abrasion resistance.
  • Webbed interior fabric for better light proofing.
  • Increased light proofing to Level II.
  • Newly engineered corners- 3x more robust than old DR corners.
  • Hook-IT included
  • Black floor mat.
  • A Dark Room is the foundation of a completely self-contained indoor garden, featuring a lightweight, durable, washable interior reflective lining. The frame supports up to 65 pounds of lighting, ventilation or other equipment, and every unit has access ports that accommodate ducting or other equipment. DarkRooms can be assembled without tools, in minutes, by one person, and collapse just as quickly for storage.
  • Stronger and more durable than previous DR models
  • Portable, lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble
  • 8 total ports: 2 for extraction, 2 for intraction, 2 for cables, 2 for cool tubes
  • White Waterproof tray in bottom
  • Strong, lightproof zipper

    The DS120 measures 4 ft x 4 ft x 6.8 ft (120cm W x 120cm L x 200cm H)

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