Premium Flood Tray 3 ft x 6 ft ID
Premium Flood Tray 3 ft x 6 ft ID
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Price: $195.00
Sale Price: $185.00
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The High Tide Flood Table solves many common complaints about currently available tables.

Flo-N-Gro’s line of Premium ID (Inside Dimension) trays are built to provide top-quality performance for your growing needs. Extra thick, heavy-duty, premium, long-lasting plastic trays feature an easy-to-clean square pattern that also drains more easily.

The 3 ft x 6 ft model features 5 mm material thickness. Built for rigorous use, the trays feature heavy-duty design qualities that include gusseting in all necessary areas. Made with a proprietary blend of premium material.

Manufactured in North America.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to its large size and weight this item is more suitable for in-store pick-up orders only.

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