Polymer Moisture Crystals 2.5kg
Polymer Moisture Crystals 2.5kg
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Moisture Polymer Crystals (potassium polyacrylamide) are a super absorbent “agro-polymer” that traps water that would normally percolate by root zones.

As the soil dries, the stored water is released back to the plant roots.

Moisture Polymer Crystals reduce watering by 30%-50%.

Holds up to 200 times its weight in water, slowly releasing over 95% of the stored water to the plant as needed.

Acts as a time-release mechanism for water-soluble fertilizers.

Non-toxic, bio-degradable and neutral in pH.

This 2.5kg. package will cover approx. 2,500 sq. ft. OR 1000 gallon of media (2.5ml/1gal).


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