Pelletized Garden Gypsum 2kg
Pelletized Garden Gypsum 2kg
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Pelletized Garden Gypsum is an organic product that helps counteract soil damage caused from salt used in winter de-icing.

This all natural Organic Traditions mineral is not a plant fertilizer but rather a soil conditioner.

Use Garden Gypsum to loosen heavy clay soils to help improve water and air penetration. It provides secondary nutrients, such as calcium and sulfur, to promote root growth and maximize the effectiveness of your fertilizers.

This Garden Gypsum is pelletized for easy application and will give you fast results.

Application rate: For gardens, use 2kg per 20 square feet. Use 1.5kg pounds per shrub or 0.5kg pound per rose and flower plant. Whenever possible, cultivate into the soil. Always water thoroughly after each application.

Harmless to plants, pets and people. Approved for organic gardening.

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