Organa-Add Soil and Hydroponic Based Amino Acid 1L
Organa-Add Soil and Hydroponic Based Amino Acid 1L
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Price: $30.00
The same formula organic growers across the globe have grown to trust is now OMRI certified.

Organa-Add™ functions as a growth and bloom catalyst containing all necessary organic activators.

Adding Organa-Add™ to your feeding regiment will increase the production of essential oils improving overall quality while maximizing your yield.

Organa-Add is a soil/hydroponic balanced formula of vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, proteins and organic chelates.

Use Organa-Add with your existing fertilizer program for improved resin and essential oil production. Also maximizes fruiting and flowering.

Organa-Add is effective for hydroponics, aeroponics and soil cultivation. It will not clog emitters, drains or pumps. As a foliar spray it is effective for cuttings and in all stages of growth.

Organa-Add is known to:
+ Maximize fruiting and flowering.
+ Increase rate of nutrient absorption.
+ Help withstand environmental stress.
+ Increase plant vitality.
+ Increase Chlorophyll content.
+ Increase essential oil in plants.
+ Enhance the photosynthesis process.

To be used in conjunction with existing fertilizer program.

NPK: 2-0-0

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