nutri+ Gold Fulvic Acid (0-2-1) 1L
nutri+ Gold Fulvic Acid (0-2-1) 1L
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Fulvic is an extract made from humic acids. nutri+ Gold is

developed from complex humic substances stemming from leonardite.


Fulvic acid is compatible with all mineral and organic nutrients and can be used throughout the plant's lifecycle.

Fulvic Acid is known for:

·         Accelerate the translocation of the plant nutrients.

·         Channels the resources towards the cells by readily crossing the roots and leaves membranes.

·         Provides and makes available several trace elements for better a photosynthesis, increased breathing and increased production of sugars.

·         Optimizes the production of sugars and essential oils.

·         Contains several antioxidants that prolong the cells life and increase the plants resistance to environmental stresses.

·         Increases vitality and production capacity.

·         Channels the enzymatic reactions.

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