Nutradip 3-1 Tri-Meter GrowBoss
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The Nutradip™ Tri-Meter™ is the monitoring system is an affordable yet high quality meter accurately measures temperature, nutrient content and PH - the three most important factors that will maximize your growing yields.

This new Tri-Meter unit is best suited for soil-less culture, reading measurements in parts-per-million (PPM), and temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius - and it comes with a two-year warranty!

Nutradip's CMS #202 Tri-Meter includes the PH Probe, TDS Probe, AC/DC Adaptor, Storage Probe Cap, hanging hooks and instructions.

The Nutradip TriMeter (CMS) is a "Continuous-Monitoring-System" meter that allows you to monitor Acid-Alkaline levels (pH), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and temperature - all at the same time! And this unit requires no batteries. Just plug it into any AC wall receptacle and your meter will remain in calibrated mode for months.

The Nutradip CMS Tri-Meter is a completely new way of measuring the acidity or alkalinity in your water - to give you continuous pH Monitoring with automatic temperature compensation. The system uses a remote probe which stays in your reservoir, and an AC-powered display unit. Potential Hydrogen (pH) is found in all aqueous solutions, and is beneficial in controlled concentrations, but pH can quickly change and reach undesirable, toxic levels of acidity or alkalinity in an unmonitored solution, such as that found in the sensitive environments of plants, aquariums, hot tubs, swimming pools, and drinking water. Therefore the need to continuously measure and maintain proper pH is extremely important. The Nutradip Tri-Meter (CMS) is an effective Potential-Hydrogen Monitoring System and is, therefore, an indispensable pH management tool.

The Potential-Hydrogen Monitoring System (pHMS) operates very easily. Simply plug it into the power supply, drop the probe into your solution, and in minutes your display will show an accurate temperature-compensated measurement of your solution. And the probe can remain in place indefinitely. This economical meter can indicate the pH measurement on even a large 7-segment display. The system includes a replaceable electrode that attaches to the meter with a standard BNC connector, and comes with a 0.9 m (3 ft.) cable.

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