Neptune Harvest Organic Fish & Seaweed Blend Fertilizer (3-2-1) 1L
Neptune Harvest Organic Fish & Seaweed Blend Fertilizer (3-2-1) 1L
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Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish/Seaweed Blend Fertilizer is an Organic fertilizer that combines the benefits of fresh fish remains and seaweed.

Neptune's Harvest fish hydrolysate contains vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and growth hormones. It also contains the micro and macro nutrients naturally found in fish. The nitrogen and other nutrients are already chelated, so they are readily available for plant consumption. Unlike fish emulsions, Neptune’s Harvest retains the fish proteins and oils. The Seaweed is an organic storehouse of over 60 naturally occurring major and minor nutrients and amino acids. It has growth promoting substances which enhance plant development, color and vigor and has also been found to increase plant hardiness and resistance to adverse environmental conditions, such as early frost, extreme heat and lack of moisture.

Hydrolyzed North Atlantic Fish, Phosphoric Acid (Stabilizer), Seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum), Potassium Hydroxide (A Processing Aid), Molasses, Humic Acid, Yucca Extract.

NPK: 3-2-1

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