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Looking for a Grow Light, Hydroponics, Organics, and Indoor Gardening Equipment?
Shop at Bustan in Toronto or Online for Your Outdoor Garden's Essentials

Welcome to Bustan Urban Gardening Essentials,

Bustan offers an extensive array of specialty gardening supplies to enable hobbyist and avid gardeners, with limited indoor or outdoor space, to experience the pleasures and benefits of gardening in a natural way.

This spring you can shop securely online or at our retail store conveniently located in downtown Toronto:

Looking to set-up an indoor garden?
Here are the product categories you should consider:

1. Grow lights for the plant's lifecycle stages
2. Ventilation and odour control equipment
3. Nutrients, supplements and insecticides
4. Containers and growth mediums
5. Grow systems and hydroware
6. Timers and instruments

Email or call us at 888-YOU-GROW (968-4769) or 416-922-6363 with any product related questions you may have.

Happy Gardening!

Complete Deluxe Light Kits @ Value Prices

Our light kits are fully assembled to code and ready to be plugged-in.
The components are of the highest-quality and offered at value prices.

hid light kit
400W MH Kit comes w/ universal bulb
(39,000 lum; 20,000 hrs)
430W HPS Kit comes w/ Son-Agro bulb
(53,000 lum; 16,000 hrs)
600W HPS Kit comes w/ OSRAM Plantastar bulb
(92,000 lum; 20,000 hrs)
1000W MH Kit comes w/ Venture bulb
(115,000 lum; 17,000 hrs)
1000W HPS Kit comes w/ Eye Hortilux bulb
(145,000 lum; 20,000 hrs)

Looking for the Latest in Horticultural Lighting?
Come to Bustan for the Largest Selection of T5
High Output Fluorescent Lamps & High Quality Fixtures.

T5 high output lamps have extremely high lumen per watt rating: 5000 lumens per lamp.

Lamps have very low heat factor which allows the fixture to be hung very close to plant canopy, thus raising light levels.

The NEW WAVE fixtures are made of German 95% reflective aluminum. Light output is 300 percent higher in this reflector vs. a lamp with no reflector.

Fixtures are low profile, sleek and light to hang. Solid state electronic ballasts (no copper windings) do not emit heat, noise or vibration. Unique design places ballasts outside lamps (instead of above lamps as in competitive fixtures) for longer fixture life.

These high output fluorescent grow light fixtures come with your choice of lamps: A 6500 degree Kelvin cool lamp (promotes plant growth) or a 3000 degree Kelvin warm lamp (promotes flowering/budding in plants).

New Wave 2ft 4-Lamp $245
New Wave 2ft 8-Lamp $425

New Wave 4ft 2-Lamp $295
New Wave 4ft 4-Lamp $395
New Wave 4ft 8-Lamp $595

T5 New Wave Reflectors by Sunlight Supply Complete T5 Light Kits
From $245

Milwaukee Waterproof pH & TDS Testers Price $119/each
OR $218/combo
Milwaukee Waterproof pH & TDS Testers

Milwaukee pens are known for being reliable and high accuracy testers.

Milwaukee pH51 Waterproof pH Tester
The Milwaukee Sharp pH51 model provides a range of 0.0 - 14.0 pH with a resolution of 0.1 pH. It offers manual calibration of 2 points and is accurate at ± 0.1 pH. Environment 0 – 50°C / 100% RH.


Milwaukee T75 Waterproof TDS Tester
Waterproof TDS tester with automatic temperature compensation and 1 point manual calibration range: 0.0 to 1999 ppm (mg/L), replaceable MA73075 probe. It gives a range of 0 - 1999 ppm with a resolution of 10 ppm and is accurate at ± 2% full scale. This TDS tester gives you a manual calibration of 1 point and provides automatic temperature compensation of 0 - 50°C. Environment 0 - 50°C / 100% RH.

Submersible Pumps @ Value Prices

Efficiently designed fully submersible pumps.
They are quiet running, oil free, with a magnetically driven impeller, and low heat emission.

Complete with suctions cups, sponge pre-filter, inlet and outlet adapters, magnetic impeller assembly with stainless steel jacket, ceramic shaft and ceramic bearing, and 6 foot grounded powercord.

Submirsible Pumps
Rated GPH 132 264 396 633 1056 1584
$30 $50 $65 $95 $125 $170

Extensible Air Stone
Extensible Air Stone

From $3
Round Air Stone
Round Air Stone

From $3
Air Curtain Diffuser
Air Curtain Diffuser

From $13
Way Valve
Way Valve

From $4
Flexible Air Diffuser
Flexible Air Diffuser

From $9
Silicone Air Tubing
Silicone Tubing

From $7
Bustan Carries a Large Selection of
Air Pumps, Air Stones, Tubing and Parts.

Why aeration is essential to plants:

1. Solution aeration is imperative to proper root growth and functions. Lack of oxygen at the roots reduces respiration, which affects photosynthesis. The health and vigour of a plant are dependent upon its roots getting sufficient oxygen.

2. Oxygenating the solution suppresses the pathogens that cannot live in the air (anaerobes). Aerating the solution keeps it fresher for a longer period of time.

Roots require as much oxygen as they can get!

Single Pump Single
Air Pump Single Outlet

Special $12
Air Pump Dual
Air Pump Double Outlet

Special $24
Air Pump Commercial
Commercial Air Pumps

From $100

Featuring Vortex Inline Fans &
PROfilter Reversible Carbon Filters

The Right Fan - The Right Filter - The Right Price

Vortex Inline Fans Blower

Vortex in-line centrifugal duct fans are the ideal air mover for hydroponic applications. The quiet and efficient airfoil impeller is capable of developing significant pressure, and the in-line configuration simplifies installation. With the addition of a solid state speed control, the fan speed can be varied.

All Vortex inline centrifugal fans now come with a six foot power cord and a 10 year warranty.

Carbon Filter

Most can-type air filters utilize 50% of the carbon available by only filtering through the top section of the carbon filter, leaving the bottom section unused.

PROfilter uses an innovative patented design allowing the user to reverse the filter, benefiting from the use of 100% of the carbon available and effectively extending the unit's life span.

Manufactured with only the finest TC940 virgin 3mm grain sized carbon, PROfilter effectively removes 99.5% of odors.

Rated for a continuous worry-free operation, PROfilter can be used for commercial or residential applications.

With our complete line of Slim and Reversible Carbon filters you will have 12 to 18 months of maintenance free odor removal.

High and Low Output Fan-PROfilter Combos available at value prices

25kg refill of Activated Carbon is available for $149

Can-Filter 2600
NEW! Can-Filter 2600 94CFM
The ideal carbon filter for small rooms or chambers.

Moving 94 cubic feet per minute, this carbon filter weighs approximately ten pounds.

Only 18” tall with a diameter of 5.5”. (Dimensions include pre-filter).

Compatible with any 4" inline fan or Active Air Exhaust Fan 95CFM.

Other related items:

+ Plug-In Fan Speed Control $35
+ Flexible Aluminum Ducting 4" $22
+ 7 Day Heavy-Duty Grounded Digital Timer $36

NEW RECEIPE! General Hydroponics Essentials Value Kit Includes:

Flora Nova Grow 1L $33
Complete one-part fertilizer plus organic additives. FloraNova’s unique combination of primary and secondary nutrients and pH buffers keeps nutrients fully water-soluble.
NPK: 7-4-10

Flora Nova Bloom 1L $33
FloraNova provides all the micronutrients your plants need for healthy growth and assures proper nutrition for your plants from seedling through harvest.
NPK: 4-8-7

Floralicious Plus 250ml $30
Floralicious Plus is a concentrated blend of bioactive plant, marine, microbial, and mineral extracts. A one part organic nutrient additive to be used throughout your plants growing cycle.
Super concentrated: 1ml/gal of solution!

Liquid Kool Bloom 500ml $18
Just like its dry counterpart, Liquid KoolBloom is a highly concentrated additive that promotes abundant flowering and helps facilitate ripening.
NPK: 0-10-10

An Excellent formulation for all hydroponic applications as well as potted plants in soil.


General Hydroponics Essentials Value Kit

FoxFarm Receipe

Kit Value Price (1L bottle size) $145
Kit Value Price (4L bottle size) $265
FoxFarm Organic-Based Nutrients for Soil & Hydroponic Gardens

FoxFarm Family Value Kit

FoxFarm is a micro brewery of premium plant foods and soil mixes. Not only the end product, but the complete process of caring for the earthworm cultures is under its direct supervision. All formulas are handcrafted in small batches to ensure superior consistency and quality control.

Use FoxFarm fertilizers in combination with each other. For best results follow the recommended FoxFarm feeding schedules.

The FoxFarm Family Value Kit Includes:

+ FoxFarm Grow Big 1L (Soil OR Hydro) $22
+ FoxFarm Big Bloom 1L $22
+ FoxFarm Tiger Bloom 1L $22
+ Open Sesame (5-45-19) 1Lb.$33
+ Beastie Bloomz (0-50-30) 1Lb.$33
+ Cha Ching (9-50-10) 1Lb.$33


Buy the Entire Receipe Sheet and Save.
Select between Big Grow for Soil or Hydroponics.

Shop at Bustan for Your Indoor Gardening Instruments:
Timers, Controllers, pH & TDS pens, and Digital Meters

Encore Cycle Timer
Encore Cycle Timer
An excellent value all-purpose cycle timer. Controls pumps, fans, CO2, misters, foggers and more. Designed to work in humid gardening conditions. Choose cycle running times (on) between 5 seconds and 30 minutes with interval gaps (off) ranging between 5 minutes and 8 hours.
Hanna Digital Combo Pen
Hanna Digital Combo Pen (pH/TDS/EC/Temp)
Hanna’s Digital Waterproof Combo Pen is a great way to monitor pH, TDS and temperature with one pen. pH and EC/TDS readings are automatically compensated for the effects of temperature (ATC).
Soil pH Meter
Soil pH Meter
Measures pH range of 3.5 to 9. Flexible cable is ideal for hard to reach plants. No batteries required.
30x Lighted Pocket Microscope
30x Pocket Microscope
This precision illuminated microscope with 30x magnification power. The rotatable bulb can pinpoint the light on the object.
Light Intensity Meter
Light Intensity Meter
Use the Light Meter to adjust the height of your light and to monitor the diminishing lumen output of your lamp. Measures sunlight, fluorescent and HID light in foot-candles. Permanently calibrated. No batteries required.
Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer
Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer (Jumbo)
This large-display hygro-thermometer shows current temperature and humidity levels and includes a remote probe for second zone temperature, like the outdoor temperature. Records high and low points for both temperature and humidity.

EZ Clone 30 EZ Clone 120 The next generation in cloning technology: EZ-Clone

Roots your cuttings in 5 days with 100% success.

Standard features include:
+ Custom neoprene collars
+ High flow-rate irrigation system
+ External air intake system
+ Deep lid base for easy access
+ Leak resistant lid

These complete cloning kits come with:
+ A large reservoir
+ Powerful water pump
+ Mist manifold with misters
+ Dual-outlet air pump with air stones
+ Plant cups with neoprene inserts for plant support
+ Instructions.

New 30, 60, & 120 cutting units. Easy to use; start cloning in minutes:

+ EZ-Clone 30 $399
+ EZ-Clone 60 $499
+ EZ-Clone 120 $549

Dyna-Gro K-L-N Concentrate Rooting Solution
Dyna-Gro K-L-N Concentrate Rooting Solution

This product is a rooting solution containing both IBA and NAA hormones to promote vigorous root growth in trees, foliage and flowering plants.

Use it for propagation cuttings, air layering and as a transplant drench for newly potted plants.

Drench, dip or mist your plants to stimulate new root growth.

Price 250ml $17
Price 1L $45

Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt Potassium Silicate

Pro-TeKt nutritional supplement to enhance plant growth, contains potassium and 7.8% silicon to reduce plant stress caused by heat, cold, drought, insects and disease.

Pro-TeKt provides increased potassium and silicon to build strong cell walls. Stronger cell walls protect against piercing insects and invading fungi.

This formula improves stem strength, heat and drought tolerance, and photosynthesis.

Price 1L $17

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Inline Fan 6in
Inline Fan (Active Air) 6" 400CFM
Price $150

Sun Blaze T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Light 2ft 4 Lamp
Sun Blaze T5 High Output Fluorescent Grow Light 2ft 4 Lamps
Price $175

1000W Lumatek Digital Ballast
1000W Lumatek Digital Ballast
New Low Price $250 BUY NOW

HM pH Meter (PH-80 Hydro Tester)
Price $79

180 Power Cloner
180 Power Cloner by Botanicare
Price $700

Dark Room DR60 II Grow Tent 2 x 2 x 5.3
Price $180

All In One 3x3 with 600W
All-In-One Indoor Garden Package 3x3 w/ 600W Digital Ballast
Value Price $1,000

Fan-Filter Combo
Fan-Filter Combo 6" 400CFM
Price $350

CO2 Regulator Titan
CO2 Regulator Titan (0.5 - 15 CFH)
Price $159

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