Hydroponic Tomatoes for the Home Gardener
Hydroponic Tomatoes for the Home Gardener
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Home-grown tomatoes . . . large, red-ripe, deliciously aromatic and full of flavor! They can be yours again with modern hydroponic methods designed for home gardeners by one of America's foremost hydroponics experts, Howard M. Resh.

You don't need previous experience. Your advantages (besides great tomatoes!) include freedom from harmful pesticides, bothersome weeds and insects, plus ease and pleasure in tending the garden. And you can enjoy your tomatoes sooner . . . tomatoes rich in vitamins and minerals and great taste!

Step-by-step instructions, with many clear, "show-me-how" illustrations, both photographs and drawings.

Dr. Resh, leading hydroponics consultant and author, shows home gardeners how to grow fruits and vegetables in a clean, nutritionally enriched, soilless medium . . . how to say goodbye to problems of infertile or infested soil, weeds, pests . . . how to give plants super nutrition for super growth, appearance, and quality.

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