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Bat and Seabird Guanos

Bat and seabird guanos are fossilized bat manures containing very high levels of usable soluble nitrogen and phosphorous. Guanos are also high in trace minerals and lend themselves well for making growth-boosting liquid teas.

The guano fertilizer is really no longer bat poop but a highly refined, nontoxic, light smelling, water-soluble fine powder or small pellets.

Types of Guano:

Bat guano comes in different types. The N-P-K ratio of the guano is dependent on what the type of bat it came from and what it’s diet consists of. For instance, Mexican bats eat bugs so their guano is high in nitrogen. While Indonesian bats feed on fruit, so their guano is high in phosphorus. Here are the most popular types of guano and their application.

Mexican Bat Guano (10-2-1) is very high nitrogen, which is ideal for the vegetative phase.

Peruvian Seabird Guano (10-10-2) is high in nitrogen and phosphorus making it a more balanced formula suitable for the transitional phase between vegetative and flowering. The nitrogen will sustain the plant through it’s initial growth and the phosphorus will allow for root development.

Indonesian Bat Guano (0.5-12-0.2) has a high-phosphorus, which makes it the ideal flowering guano.

Bat Guano Recipe Package


The popular Sunleaves International House of Guano line is an excellent supplement for your nutrient program for each stage of the plant's development.

The Guano Value Kit contains:

+ 14 ounces of high-nitrogen Mexican Bat Guano (grow): NPK 10-1-1
+ 2.2 pounds of high-phosphorus Indonesian Bat Guano (bloom): NPK 0-7-0

Great for flowering and vegetative plants, indoors and out.


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