GROW!T Coco Coir Chip Brick (pack of 3)
GROW!T Coco Coir Chip Brick (pack of 3)
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Price: $15.00
Give your plants a sturdy growing structure with GROW!T’s Coco Coir Bricks.

The bricks, available in a chip format, do double duty: They retain water, making sure plants never go thirsty, but due to their texture, they also offer excellent drainage properties.

Plants are no longer at risk of “drowning” in too-packed or over-watered soil. Instead, GROW!T’s ideal consistency gives them room to breathe and for roots to grow freely, capturing that essential air-to-water ratio for your biggest growth yet.

Implement this pathogen-free media to your potting soil or in place of bark as an attractive and all-natural ground cover.

Certified Organic: OMRI LISTED.

Each brick expands to 0.26–0.33 cu ft (2–2 1/2 gal) of wetted coir.

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