GH Flora Blend Vegan Compost Tea (0.5-1-1) 1L
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Flora Blend is a 100% vegan product and contains no animal derived ingredients. It is fermented from a proprietary blend of plant materials, plus seaweed, rock powders and micronized leonardite.

A diverse mixture of highly bioactive microorganisms and feed them a feast of select food sources in a hyper oxygenated environment. These beneficial microorganisms multiply consuming these food sources and through bioconversion processes new organic compounds are formed. These highly soluble organic compounds increase and promote healthy root structures, build the plants immune system and provide carbon building blocks for plant processes responsible for color and flavor of fruits and vegetables.

Flora Blend is a completely digested ferment, which translates into a very stable product and long or indefinite shelf life.

FloraBlend is very clean product that can be utilized in all hydroponic systems.

Derived from: alfalfa meal, brewers yeast, cottonseed meal, potassium sulfate, rock phosphate, sea kelp, and soybean meal.

NPK: 0.5-1-1

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