Gaia Green Fertilizing Soil Condtioner SLOW RELEASE (3-3-2) 11kg
Gaia Green Fertilizing Soil Condtioner SLOW RELEASE (3-3-2) 11kg
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Gaia Green Fertilizing Soil Conditioner is made with composted fryer (chicken) waste and mulch. Fryers are fed a high protein diet which results in a higher nitrogen content in the litter including the added benefit of mulch.

Analysis has shown our Fertilizing Soil Conditioner to consistently test at or above 3-3-2. It is "guaranteed weed and dirt free" and being dry composted, will not burn when applied according to our recommended application rates.

In Fertilizing Soil Conditioner, the elements are suspended in sawdust compost providing a slow release quality that promotes lush, healthy growth in vegetable gardens, lawns, flower beds, and on shrubs. Due to the slow release quality of this product, one annual application will be sufficient. Fertilizing Soil Conditioner loosens and aerates soil, and is excellent for moisture retention.

INGREDIENTS: 100% pure chicken manure composted in sawdust, fossilized carbon complex, and active soil microorganisms.

SUGGESTED APPLICATION RATES: Garden, landscape and lawn: 1 Bag 11kg. (22lbs.) covers 20 square meters. (200 sq.ft.). Gently dig into the soil surface (except lawn) once per year or as desired. Pre-mixing soil for hanging baskets potted plants and planter boxes: Thoroughly mix 30ml. (2tbsp.) into 4L (1gal.) of soil or growing medium. Top dressing hanging baskets, potted plants, and planter boxes: Hanging baskets, potted plants, and planter boxes: 15ml. (1tbsp.) per 4 L (1gal.) soil or growing medium. Apply up to once per month or as desired. Gently dig Fertilizing Soil Conditioner into the soil surface where possible.

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