Flower Power (4-10-4) 2kg
Flower Power (4-10-4) 2kg
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Flower Power™ is a high analysis blend of organic fertilizers that can be used on any plant as a full term feed. It normally lasts for around 35-45 days in the soil before being depleted. Use on annuals, perennials and any other flower or seed producing plants. Fosters attractive, vigorous plants and flowers.

Guaranteed Analysis: Total Nitrogen (N) .................. 4.0% Available Phosphate (P) ..... 10.0% Soluble Potash (K) ............... 4.0% Calcium (Ca) ....................... 12.0%

Derived from fish meal, bone meal, rock phosphate, langbenite, kelp meal, greensand, canola seed meal.

NPK: 4-10-4

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