Earth Alive Soil Activator - Organic Soil Inoculant - 50gr
Earth Alive Soil Activator - Organic Soil Inoculant - 50gr
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This OMRI listed soil inoculant is a mix of naturally occurring soil microorganisms and an all-natural wood extract (a forestry by-product). These ingredients work synergistically and, when applied to soil (ideally at planting or transplanting), the microorganisms rejuvenate and begin colonizing the area in the soil around the roots known as the rhizosphere. This encourages active root growth for robust plants from the root up. The beneficial bacteria in Earth Alive Soil Activator also solubilize phosphorus and fix atmospheric nitrogen for improved nutrient availability to plants and increased yields. You can mix this product dry into your soil or use as a soil drench.

Earth Alive Soil Activator contain the microorganisms Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Pseudomonas montelli.

Bacillus subtilis is one of the first bacterium species to be studied extensively, it is now widely used for industrial, agricultural and fermentation processes because of its ability to tolerate extreme temperatures and low humidity. Bacillus subtilis is heavily competitive in the soil and commonly outcompetes other soil microbes making it exceptional for suppression of Fungal Disease control in Soil Media and on foliage.

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens is an aggressive and effective fighter against bacterial and fungal pathogens that try to infringe upon the root systems it colonizes. Additionally, it helps the roots better deal with abiotic stress (which includes drought, excessive salinity, extreme temperatures and overwatering).

Pseudomonas montelli works as catalyst for the synergistic activity between the microorganisms. Simply put, this product works exponentially better with the presence of this bacteria than it would without it being there.

There are no genetically modified organisms or synthetic chemicals in this product.

Suggested Uses: For use on all types of plants and soils, including field and horticultural crops (side-banded or in-furrow) and large perennials.

50gr pack treats 80 4" pots!

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