Down To Earth Langbeinite Sul-Po-Mag 0-0-22 5lbs
Down To Earth Langbeinite Sul-Po-Mag 0-0-22 5lbs
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Langbeinite 0-0-22, also known as Sul-Po-Mag or K-Mag.

It is a natural, mined, mineral deposit containing 27% Sulfur (s), 22% Potash (K20), and 18% Magnesium, (Mg0) or 11% Mg.

It is a natural source of these nutrients when Mg and K deficiencies exist and there is an abundance of calcium.

This soluble mineral fertilizer will not alter the pH.

Works well on fruits, vegetables and potatoes, all plants that love sulphur.

Helps protect disease prone plants. High potassium level helps to condition plants for winter and prevent disease.

Sulphur is a necessary element to form protein molecules.

NPK: 0-0-22

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