Doktor Doom Total Release Fumigator 150gr
Doktor Doom Total Release Fumigator 150gr
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Price: $19.00
A total release fogger for use in homeowner greenhouses, fruit and vegetable storage areas and indoor gardening areas.

Can be used with all growing plants, vegetable plants, ornamental plants, flower, and fruits and vegetables.

Used for controlling fungus gnats, spider mites, two-spotted spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, scale, mealy bugs and thrips. No residuals.

Safe to use up to a couple of days before harvest.

No need for safety goggles, respirators, gloves etc.

pH balanced formula without any perfumes. Ideal for those with post production of essential oils.

No phyto-toxicity to plants providing product is used as directed on the label.

Pyrethrum breaks down within hours. Safe to re-enter treated areas in three hours.

400gr Fumigator is imeant to be used in areas with heavy infestations. It will fumigate larger areas (up to 10' x 10').

SHIPPING NOTE: Due to HAZMAT shipping regulations, we are unable to ship this product. Doktor Doom products are available for in-store sales only!

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