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Bustan carries brand-name products at value prices, including: complete indoor grow room packages, grow tents, horticultural lighting, hydroponics systems and components, testing instruments, ventilation and environmental controllers, nutrients and organic fertilizers, gardening tools and accessories.

Take advantage of our new product offerings and promotional value kits.
All our products can be purchased in person at our store,
located in downtown Toronto.
Most products can be ordered through our online store to be shipped anywhere in Canada.

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New Arrivals for Spring 2015

Specials & Value Kits

all-in-one 2x4 w/ t5

All-in-One 2x4 with T5 4ft 8lamps

This All-In-One value package includes all the equipment needed to set-up your indoor garden.

Value Price $800

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All-in-one 3x3 w/ 600W

All-in-One 3x3 with 600W system

Gain total control of your indoor garden with this full-sized free-standing 3x3 indoor greenhouse.

Value Price $900

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all-in-one 4x4 w/ 1000w

All-in-On 4x4 garden package with Hortilux 1000hps

Gain total control of your indoor garden with this full-sized free-standing 4x4 indoor greenhouse.

Value Price $1,000

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Inline Fan 8" 720CFM

hydrofarm active air inline duct fan toronto canada

Active Air Inline Fan by Hydrofarm. Comes wired with a six foot power cord and a 5 year warranty.

New Low Price $165

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Clone Machine 48

Botanicare Clone 48 Machine

This Clone Machine holds up to 48 clones. This cloner uses an aeroponic mist application to achieve optimal results for rooting cuttings.

Special $300

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Double Heat Mat 40"x10"

Supersprouter Double Heatmat 40x10

Increases seedling and cutting success. Automatically warms rooting are 10-20°F over ambient temperature. 40" x 10" (60 watt).

Price $60

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Monday-Tuesday: 10:00-5:00
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Saturday: 11:00-4:00

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