Cocomat CocoTek Grow Mat 4ft x 8ft
Cocomat CocoTek Grow Mat 4ft x 8ft
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Made from natural coconut fibers and bound by organic latex, CocoTek® Mats are designed to lie underneath media containers and can be easily cut to any size. In ebb and flow tables, plant roots will grow through and under the Mats where moisture remains between flood cycles.


Follow these simple directions:

1. Cut the Grow Mat to the desired size (if necessary) and roll it out onto the surface of your tray. 2. Place rooted plants in rockwool cubes, etc. directly on the Grow Mat. 3. Watch in amazement as the plants root system develops in the high humidity layer that the Grow Mat creates! 4. Clean up is a snap! Simply roll the Grow Mat up with roots and all and you're ready to grow again.

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