Clonex Root Maximizer Mycorrhizae Soluble 8oz
Clonex Root Maximizer Mycorrhizae Soluble 8oz
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Price: $75.00
Clonex Root Maximizer is the newest addition to the Clonex family and is the result of over a decade of dedicated research into mycorrhizae.

Mycorrhizae actually increase the surface area of plant roots, which allows the plant to reach nutrients and water that might not be available otherwise. The fungus is actually a network of filaments that grow in and around the plant root cells, forming a mass that extends considerably beyond the plant’s root system. This makes the plant stronger and more resistant to stress. It even protect their host plant against unwanted pathogens.

Clonex Root Maximizer puts life into your soil by adding bountiful amounts of mycorrhizae fungi, beneficial bacteria and Trichoderma that combine to improve the health and vitality of plants.

Endomycorrhizae have been shown to benefit over 90% of all plants.

Apply product directly in contact with plant roots. This product is designed to be used in a soil system as a dry application. Clonex Root Maximizer Soluble is designed to be used with liquid to create a suspension and can be used in all soils, plus hydroponic and aeroponic systems.

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