Cha Ching Soluble Fertilizer (9-50-10) 1lb.
Cha Ching Soluble Fertilizer (9-50-10) 1lb.
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Price: $60.00
FoxFarm engineered Cha Ching® to maximize a plant’s production. Every stage of the growing cycle demands optimal nutrition.

Cha Ching® is a high-phosphorus fertilizer that won’t leave a salty residue or build up in the soil. Even better, included are the micronutrient pack that FoxFarm is known for. It contains all the essential elements you need to support juicy fruit on compact, stocky plants.

Cha Ching® creates juicy, robust fruit with essential oils and resins pumping out of stems and leaves. That means concentrated flavor and perfect texture.

NPK: 9-50-10

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