Active Aqua Flood Table 30"x30"x7.5"
Active Aqua Flood Table 30"x30"x7.5"
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Price: $75.00
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This oversized 2'x2' Flood Table is perfect for standard 3x3 tents.

True, full-size dimensions, and volume to provide maximum growing area. Made from durable, high-impact ABS plastic with UV resistance for longevity. Stronger corners and thicker walls than any others in their class.

It features:
+ Superior grid pattern design and multi-level drainage channels to promote fast and thorough drainage
+ Multiple drain positions for versatility in set-ups
+ Stronger corners and thicker all around than most other brands
+ Rounded corners for easy cleaning
+ Gradation inside to accurately assess optimal water level

Outside Dimensions - 30" x 30" x 7.5"

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